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“Helping corporates deliver their commitment to sustainability in the long-term.”

Sublime Causes also offers CSR Solutions for corporates as Fully-customized Packages. We work with corporates to provide end-to-end services ― defining CSR goals for businesses, targeting specific initiatives, engaging employees and supporting the brand building. We add a strong digital favor to CSR.

Our Unique Value Propositions
  • Create positive
    human relationships
  • Engage Employees
    through CSR activities
  • Enhance your
    Company’s Branding
  • Adhere to
    Statutory Norms
Creating a Win-Win-Win

Sublime Causes intends to be the game changer in supporting corporates’ commitment to social responsibility. Fostering a win-win-win is the unique aspect of our customized CSR solutions.

Our Model of Causes
A Portfolio Approach to Truly Make an Impact


“Shaping the next generation”

  • Quality Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Youth Development


“Creating sustainable livelihoods”

  • Women Empowerment
  • Employing the Less-abled
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship


“Giving back to nature”

  • Restoring Greenery
  • Art, Culture & Heritage
  • Swachh Bharat


“Ensuring a Respectable life”

  • Caring for the Old and Homeless
  • Medical Aid for the Needy
  • First Aid Support
All our Causes have high passthrough to Beneficiaries
Fully Customized Package Solutions

Our Focus is Social Responsibility, not just Compliance


  • Define the areas of Interest
  • Determine the Fund Allocation
  • Agree to the Portfolio

We work with you to determine what is close to your heart or your product or company vision.


  • Location Preference
  • Frequency of Employee participation
  • Periodic update & reports

Our CSR solutions are best implemented with the active support and participation of corporate employees.


  • Updates on
    Sublime Causes - Digital Network
  • Digital marketing

Efforts are not only rewarded by the success of causes, but also allows visibility of contribution.

We give periodic reviews and updates on the status of causes being sponsored. Through digital marketing, brand building and image management, we can promote your brand. In agreement with your corporate branding.
Digital Network for Social Causes

A unique digital portal for connecting contributors to causes. We believe that for sustainable transformation, a bond needs to be created between sponsors and beneficiaries. That’s where Sublime Causes comes in!

Sublime Causes - Digital Network

Built on Trust, Transparency and Transformative

Our charitable marketplace has “causes” that are verified for trust and transparency. We pick causes that have pass-through rates to beneficiaries in excess of 85% and promote the same for both Individual and Corporate sponsors to contribute. We work with a mix of small and large registered non-profits and help them scale their sublime work. We do not charge any service fee towards our Individual Customers. For Corporates, we charge a service fee for the customized CSR solutions that we passionately offer.

“Setting-out to Support 1 Million People in 5 years
& 100 Million People in 10 years”


Lead by Corporate Junkies

People who know what it takes to run a Responsible Corporate

Sublime Causes

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